Wednesday, February 29, 2012


I've been meaning to make this post for awhile now but always end up getting sidetracked and forget; I'm a mess lately. Anyways, besides the obvious spunky, contagiously fun, style-wise, best dude ever on a skateboard reasoning of posting this, I keep recalling when I inherited a pack of some baseball-style skateboard cards that Vans came out with in like '95, and the one I remembered most was the Ray Barbee card. It was so cool! On the front he was doing his legendary straight no-comply over a trash can, and on the back it had a little history about him with some stats. I would stare at that card all the time wondering how what he was doing was possible. Unfortunately, I lost them while moving to another house. I wish I still had them. I tried finding a picture of it on the web and couldn't which angers me even more knowing they were probably super rare! So all-in-all I guess I have no other meaning of making this post besides the obvious. Aside from all that, this has always been one of my favorite video parts to watch of him growing up and still to this day of course. His board control is unreal, and he was skating with a tanker board! Ray Barbee, you are an inspiration to all skateboarders! Thank you!

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