Thursday, February 23, 2012


Before the badmouthing gets a little excessive, let's clear some things up a bit. Alex Klein, producer of this year's OIAM, is the one responsible for this unforgivable mess of a "contest". He created the objectives for this whole competition without anyones consent and single-handedly destroyed OIAM's reputation along with making SLAP seem like they, as a whole, were held accountable for this. Like many of you hoped, Mr. Klein was immediately fired from SLAP Magazine after flipping out when Colin saved the kids from further humiliation. The delay in the episodes premiering was because the "Ride Channel" bought out the footage, unedited, and fabricated the mess into the most embarrassing ball of shit to ever come out of skateboarding. For any of you who still had any interest left after watching the "High Ollie Elimination Contest" in the episode a couple of weeks ago and have seen the latest episode, you're probably fascinated but confused why. Is it because you're appalled that a skateboarder could actually think of making this garbage? Or you're amazed but pissed off at yourself for watching 9min of the worst thing ever brought to skateboarding? However, there is good that has come out of this and that is that next year Colin Read will most likely be taking over bringing life back to OIAM.

Don't even try forcing yourself to enjoy this.

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