Friday, February 10, 2012


Taking a sort of different route with some videos being posted up from now on, we would like to also focus and appreciate the talents of those behind the lenses. Without them, even with amazing skating and style, your part can look like total shit and no one will care to watch it again or remember it. It takes a team to make skateboarding what it is today in videos, and those participating have to be just as talented as the skater in what they do to make the whole project a charismatic feature.

Here is a video SLAP Magazine presented of Josh Stewart showcasing and commentating on the past 12 years of his footage. As you all know, Josh has created some of the most historical skate videos ever (Static I, II, and III) and has also been a great part in other legendary videos that many of you grew up watching. Static IV has been underway for a little while now and the expectations grow higher and higher with not an spec of pessimism in sight. Crewman Jimmy Lannon is in the line up and his footage is going to be insane! He's been skating his ass off and has barely been in Gainesville the past year due to all the traveling he's done for the making of his section in the next video. So be hyped, be siked and get ready for another eastern benchmark video brought to you by one of the greatest filmers in skateboarding, Josh Stewart!

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