Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Sorry about the lack of posts again! Hopefully you've been just as busy as us and haven't had time to check the site. Truth is our boy Santa came into town to get an early start on delivering his presents, and we met up with him to document his journey through Gainesville. Yes the urban legend is true! Although, he doesn't use reindeer and a sled to commute- instead he shreds and kills beer!

Actually, Sean Conover came back into town for the holidays and did the commercial for us. Thanks Sean! Also, a special thanks to Erik Knudsen for the second shots!

Filmed by Bryan Reynolds
Photos by Carlos Jaramillo
Edited by Steve Spence
Official S.N.'s- Alex, Cockrell, Hector, and Danny 

Happy Holidays everyone! Go get your last minute presents at the shop!

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