Wednesday, April 25, 2012


I think you all can agree that it's safe to say that you can always rely on Mandible Claw, aka Colin Read. Watching this edit, of what the contest should've been about, is finally helping me forget about that monstrosity of shit Ride Channel put together. This episode is only of the first 2 days! Where was all of this good skating in the other episodes? Stay tuned for these because they're packed with raw skateboarding.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


"We all know how much of a clusterfuck OIAM was this year. I'm going to try to redeem it a little bit by making my own edits. Just skating, no bullshit. The first one goes up tomorrow. Here's the teaser." - Mandible Claw
Now everyone thank Colin on 3. 1-2-3... THANK YOU COLLLIIIINNNN!

Sunday, April 22, 2012


Ahhh... Yes! The Map Masquerade Tour Florida section is finally done and is loaded with Crewmen and associates - Alex Davis, Dylan Perry, Jereme Knibbs, James Coleman, Kevrick Evans and more. What better way to end the tour than in the great shining state of Florida! I hope another one of these happens again soon; good pick of shredders. All filmed and edited by Ryan Garshell.

Saturday, April 21, 2012


Crewman Nick Zizzo has been up to a lot lately, mostly in terms of skateboarding, but also being thrown into the mix of some strange situations that go great for story telling. Click here to read his new interview on the Skateboarder Mag's website where he shares all about the weird stuff he's been up to the past couple of years. Nick's got plenty of stuff coming out soon for his sponsors this year, but most importantly he'll be making a sweet little Cruizees clip as soon as he gets his box in! I'm excited to see what the Super Brand's video is going to be like. By the looks of their edits, it seems like it'll be pretty bizarre... in a good way though!


Monday, April 16, 2012


The other day I read the Speedball 2.1 issue and really took interest in Soy Panday's interview. Instead of sharing to you what it's about you should see for yourself by clicking here and purchasing a mag. After you acquire one and read his interview, if you couldn't figure out why Magenta is killing it harder than any other company right now, you'll understand why. This video expresses his words clearly, you'll get what I mean. Check out those Jimmy clips! Also, if you haven't already done so, get a copy of the new Meanwhile video Magenta just put together, it's definitely worth the price.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


It's been a long time coming but they're finally done. We're starting it off with the Brewzer Series graphics perfect for your beer runs or just for some good ol' fashion recklessness! These boards are made from the same wood DLX Distribution boards are made from so you know they're durable and their shape will last. They're 100% American Maple Wood from the Great Lakes region, where the best maple trees are grown. All of these shapes and styles have been tested and skated to ensure the highest quality possible because we want you to not only cruize around, but to actually skate them and do tricks too. Of course everyone has their own preference in shape, so we made 4 different shapes to choose from. So grab one of these Brewzer boards and start tearing up the streets! Click here to get one!

OG Logo Cruizer
7.75" x 30.5"
Art by Steve Spence

Drink 'Till Ya' Dead BREWZER SERIES
7.75" x 27.5"
Art by Alex Fogt

8.0" x 30.5"
Art by Brandon Shafranski

8.0" x 28.0"
Art by Kris Bristol


Crewman Dante Debose's new mini part/commercial for POW!! skateboards was suppose to premier at this weekends event but, unluckily, the DVD didn't work. Instead, we had a little premier at Matty's house with all the homies and everyone got hyped to see Dante coming out with some new choice stuff. Nice job Debose!

Monday, April 9, 2012


This, again, was another incredible turnout for the Speedball/Cruizees party! Words cannot express the overwhelming happiness and excitement I have for the outcome of it! Thank you all again for coming out and supporting us (and I know I've said this a few times, but it's true) we would be nowhere without you! Great feedback on the boards, we appreciate you appreciating us! I hope you all had as much fun as I did, and by the looks of this video (brought to you by Jacob from Soft Hoagie Rolls) it appears that you might've had a little more fun than me! Thank you again so much for all the love and support you've given us each and every time we have these events. For those of you who missed it, hopefully this first awesome video recapping the night will convince you that these parties are not ones to miss out on! 

If you haven't checked out Soft Hoagie Rolls yet then you need to get on it already. They kill it hard in their small town of Spring Hill, Fl and constantly come out with new stuff all the time. Peep their site and support them! Thanks Jacob for this great video!

Cover of the new Speedball 2.1 Magazine. Cop one of these collectable issues before they run out! Limited amount. Get just the mag, or get the whole Speedball package. Packages include the issue which come in an ill dope bag with your choice of 1 of 3 Speedball shirts. Check the Speedball site tomorrow to be the first to get the goods.
Photo: Luis Jaramillo
This was Crewman Jimmy Mastrocolo's new part featuring Crewmen James Coleman, Yonis Molina, and Anthony Verdi that premiered at the party for his corresponding section in the new Speedball 2.1 issue, which he got the cover of. People were going nuts, and so will you after pressing play. Congrats Jimmy! You're killing it!
Filmed by Christopher James and Stephen Buggica.

The next day we held a jam contest at Possum Creek skatepark and it was mayhem! Again, Jacob hooked it up coming through with filming some of the madness and made another great speedy edit! Fun time out there boys!

Thanks again to the sponsors for helping out at the event!
Sweetwater Brewery
Westside Skateshop
Paradise Wheels Co.