Thursday, April 11, 2013


Ever heard of Chris James, filmer extraordinaire? No? Well get use to seeing that name around because this man's talent is right up their with the scarce group of legendary VX filmers left. His new feature entitled Quality Over Quantity (click) showcases the talents of many Floridian favorites, and those soon to become. SLAP Magazine released Crewmen Jimmy Mastrocolo and James Coleman's part on their site this morning, with another James clip of Sr. Lannon. Give it a looksy and then find your credit/debit card and purchase a vid by clicking the "(click)" button above, fools! Good work Chris, you mammoth beast!

Take a xanex and wait for it to kick in before hitting the play button on this vid below. The wait is only getting more nerve racking! Colin Read finally debuted the Mandible Claw 3 teaser "Tengu" this morning as well... which unfortunately has no release date. However, he's pretty close to finishing up the filming/editing so I'm guessing very soon! I hear it is going to pretty groundbreaking!