Friday, September 28, 2012


Ant Verdi is one hell of a guy, with one hell of a mustache, rockin' the hell out of some Cruizees Garments in this edit made by Soft Hoagie Rolls. He's a good Crewboy and fantastic skater with a whole lot of ambition. He's working on a new line of pocket tees and other weirdo things called Ant Holes (you know cause his name's Ant and a pocket on a tee shirt's like a hole... Ant Hole...?!) The name will probably change about 8 more times before he gets everything going so don't be surprised if it's different. Anyways it's going to be pretty pristine, I'll tell you that much. Ant's a great dude, can kill beer (no matter how shitty it is) and we're glad he's a part of the crew. We'll support you no matter how many times you want to change the line of your product or the name of it, Ant!

Filmed by Bryan Reynolds and Jack Turner

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