Monday, June 18, 2012


This post might not be worth making in a sense that I have a feeling this video will be deleted soon. I'm not sure I care much at all though; this part, like any others you've seen of him, is ridiculous. No, it might not fit the "Cruizees criterion" since he's switch 50ing handrails and nollie flipping stairs into an immediate front wallride. Still, in every part I've seen of his he does some mind-altering tricks that I've never witnessed before. Which brings me to a preaching skate-nerd point to stay creative when you skateboard. Don't camouflage into the repetitive fake steezed insane combo bro- they got old real fast. Skating is even more fun when you come up with your own stuff! Sorry for the short sermon, maybe I should start getting more original by posting more of our own videos. Who the hell am I to talk? Enjoy this while it lasts.

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