Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Following the Koichiro Uehara post along with the Far East Skate Network post awhile back, Shinpei Ueno (filmer of the following) filmed and edited the Japanese video below called LENZ. I can honestly admit it's the funnest skate video to watch that I've ever seen in my life. It's one hour jam-packed with inconceivable annihilation. Shinpei captures every element of each spot with his spectacular fisheye filming and innovating close-up angles - he's easily one the the greatest filmers of all time. It's one of the longest videos I've seen and I bet it took less than a year to film it. I say that because it's evident of all the fun they're having, and seems like they just go out everyday/night with no intention of "doing this specific trick at this spot"- they'll skate anything and everything, which Shinpei's filming/editing reveals that sole purpose throughout the video. Even so, I don't think it is his reasoning to make that the theme of the video, these guys just have fun all the time! 

Jimmy Lannon is taking part in Magenta's tour to Japan in welcoming Koichiro Uehara to their team tomorrow and skating with some of the guys in LENZ. I'm sure we can expect to see another amazing Magenta capsule soon from their trip out there. Also, Shinpei and the Japanese dudes are working on LENZ II so get ready for another mind-boggling video and keep an eye out for the Magenta team clips! 

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