Friday, January 13, 2012


For those of you who keep up with SLAP Magazine's OIAM every year, you're wondering or already know why there have yet to be any episodes or winners announced. Well we can all thank Colin for that, for real. Apparently the producer/director/whoever it was in charge figured he was going to make this past OIAM even more so a reality show than last years. Of course, the finalists didn't give a shit about that and just wanted to skate. So Colin took it upon himself to save them, and everyone else awaiting the episodes, and brought them around the city strictly to skate and have fun (what they were there for in the first place). The guy in charge lost his mind, flipped out and no one is sure if OIAM's footage will ever be used. Hopefully that guy gets fired and Colin will be in charge this year. Anyhow, while up in New York I met Matt Militano, one of the finalist, and I gotta say he's one of the coolest dudes I've met in awhile. He was immediately down for Cruizees and bought a shirt within the first 5 min of being introduced and got some really good footage with it on. This is Matt's video that qualified him to be a finalist, and if you think this footage is good wait until you see his full part in Mandible Claw 3!

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