Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Here are some of the photos I took on my digital camera before the battery committed suicide. Photos in no particular order..

 Pre Party Snap
 Hometown Hero, Chuey!

Pre Party Posse!
 "Yo man do a burn out man"

 Luis get away! Nooo!
 This chick was the highlight of the night
 Pre Party Matty B!
 Street Posse 1

 Tampa nuggets! Tampa Nuggets!
I heard if you put a Cruizee in your Cruizees t shirt pocket your beer will never get warm
 Pre party bar meeting...James and Karina held it down!
 Road block photo!
 Oh god! shes everywhere!

More Nuggets Reppin'

Growing street posse! Gyeah!
Take your seats Ladies and Gentlemen, the feature films are about to start!....

Thanks one more time to every single person who came out to the party, even that unexplainable busted chick dancing around naked and that 40+ old gangster dude that was twisting his knife around saying "Ain't NO ONE gon' fuck wit us!" All of you made it possible to have a successful party and let's make next time even better! Cruize over to Speedball Magazine to get Matty B's side of the night.

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